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My name is Ludo Van de Gaer and I知 a French speaking Belgian.

I知 working at the Loterie Nationale and I知 living in Brussels at only a few minutes from the runways. 

I致e been a spotter for many years but it痴 only since a few years that I got fully involved.

My camera is a Nikon F90X, (Nikon 35/80 and 70/300 lenses). I also have a second camera, a Nikon F50 with Sigma 70/300 lens.

I use a Tamron 200/400 lens for desperate cases...

My favorite film is the Fuji Velvia 50 ASA but I use Kodakchrome K64 too to comply with many requests.

I知 a slide collector. I always prefer to shoot an aircraft on the ground because I知 not a big fan of "approach" or "action shots". However I must admit that approach shots at BRU are very good (real profiles).

BRU is not a paradise for spotters, unfortunately too many fences...and bad weather conditions: rain is a bad habit over here ! A well known problem amongst serious photographers hence, I always prefer to shoot in the sun.

Fortunately Brussels is very close to other important airports, Paris CDG and ORY, Schipol AMS and Dsseldorf DUS.

A tremendous advantage for Belgian spotters...a couple of hours by car and you池e there.

My son Michael is also a young spotter, he comes regularly along...but he is also a great fan of Flight Simulation, a heavy cross borne by our PC.

His other passion is to play guitar.

As for my daughter, Carole, she prefers ... Dr House, Desesperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy... another world ! 

This site was built with the precious help of my wife Fran輟ise...computer, that痴 her hobby.

I would like to thank my Brussels' friends Thierry Flagothier () and Jean-Louis Leemans  for providing me with good slides, Philippe Daulie for his support...

And my friend Nobby Horimoto !


A Belgian spotter in action ...A Belgian spotter in action ...A Belgian spotter in action ...